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Your Upscale Facial Spa Center

Restoring Your Skin’s Glow Through Relaxing Treatments

Bring back the vitality of your skin with help from Shyann Facial Spa Gem. From microdermabrasion treatment to microcurrent therapy, we offer a variety of facial services to help restore your skin’s youthful glow. 

We do facial analysis to determine your skin type, whether it is normal, dry, or a combination of both, so we can recommend the most appropriate treatment. Our analysis can also help find out whether your skin is oily or sensitive. Get in touch with us in Duluth, Georgia to book an appointment.

What makes us stand out is our detailed approach when applying a treatment. We help our clients by working on the areas that need attention. In addition to providing our services, we educate people on how to keep their skin as healthy and beautiful as they want it to be. 

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